Ag Steel Buildings

The agricultural industry has been a staple of the central coast for many years and during that time Nunno Corporation has built a strong relationship with the agricultural community. The need for a building that not only provides lasting value and durability but also is functional for storage and moving large equipment in or out of the building is no more apparent than in the agriculture industry. For more than 35 years Nunno Corporation has been providing those buildings and is proud to say that all of them are still in use today.

At Nunno Steel we understand our responsibility is to provide a beautiful, quality steel building that will have lasting value. We offer assistance with the often frustrating planning and permitting process. Our in –house engineering team provides the flexibility to design a building to your exact specifications, or choose from our cost effective express building line.

All our buildings, including general aviation, corporate aircraft hangers, farm, agriculture, ranch, winery and commercial buildings, features fully painted structural steel trim elements that fit properly and durable Galvalume coated steel siding.

Our steel building are expertly constructed in a timely manner from 100% steel, meeting many important industry standards including those of the Americans Welding Society (AWS), American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO), International Building Code (IBC), and are completely pre-manufactured with complete erection plans. This unique ability shortens the constructing time and eliminates costly in field fabrication. Making a Nunno steel building the most durable steel building you can buy.

3,500 sq. ft.

This building is 3,500 square feet and features a large overhang with several doors.
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Burtness Project

This building is 3,190 square feet and features 22 gauge corten siding complete with a canopy and rafters.
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2,000 sq ft

2,000 square feet with 10 foot gable overhangs on both ends. This building is 14 feet tall and is located in Creston, Ca.
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2,900 sq. ft.

This is a 2,900 sq. ft. steel building and is 14 feet high at the eve.
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1,350 sq. ft.

At just over 1,300 square feet this building features a corten siding and galume roofing with a soffitted overhang.
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5,600 sq ft

This structure is 70x80. It is designed with a half sheeted, open air concept to allow easier access for farm equipment and livestock.
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Traditional Red Barn

This steel building is a 2,400 square foot barn. It features a a large wood framed entrance with stone pillars as well as a stone wainscot trim.
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3,000 sq ft w/ overhang

This building is 50x60 and is 14 ft tall at the eave. It features four roll up doors, one of which is under the 20 ft overhang extension on the backside of the building.
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2,400 sq. ft.

This building stretches 40 ft. wide and 60 ft. in length spanning 2,400 square feet.
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Custom Arena

This horse riding area was custom designed by Nunno Steel. It is 72 feet wide, 145 feet long and 17 feet high at the eve.
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Cover and One Half

This structure is 5,000 square feet and its most unique feature is its lack of siding.
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